If you’re looking to hike one of the Queenstown-Lakes famous walking trails, but you don’t know what to do with your car, then Mike and Kiyomi at trackhopper.co.nz have your solution.

It’s always been the conundrum of the trails… how do we get all the way back to our car? Trackhopper solve that: you start at one end – leave your vehicle behind – and you’ll find it waiting for you at the other end when you get there!

It’s such a good idea that things have started to get really busy for these guys. And it wasn’t long before they realised that their old, outdated (and a bit buggy) website wasn’t really representing the quality of their service. They gave us a call and we got to work creating a site that does what they need it to.

Now it’s easy for potential clients to find the information they need, to book the TrackHopper service, to check the local track weather – which can change without warning – and to feel confident and comfortable that their needs will be met.

Go TrackHopper!

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