Jane had a wee problem. She had been blogging professionally for quite a while – she’s good at what she does and manages to make a living as a professional writer – but had started to realise that in the world of website Content Management Systems (CMS’s) she had backed the wrong horse in going with Weebly.

The problem lay in what she wanted to achieve long-term. Weebly simply wasn’t going to offer the customisation and functionality options that she needed, so she did her research, decided on WordPress, and came to us. We transferred her site over to the new platform (not the easiest of tasks for anyone who is inclined to try), implemented some new design and got her back on track.

She now writes like an author possessed! Able to write articles, or just upload a quick draft, directly from her iPhone (complete with images snapped right then and there) she’s taking the Queenstown blogosphere by storm. Jane’s helping small businesses to get the exposure they need, and providing a smart-but-funny insight into life in Queenstown – with amazing photography! Check it out: queenstownlife.com.

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