Although I’m based in Queenstown, New Zealand, I first met Andy from CYI whilst racing classic yachts in Palma, mid-2012.

A few weeks later, over a few beers outside a tiny little bar, not far from Mahon, Menorca, we hatched a plan to drag his website out of it’s decade-old Xoops platform and into the modern era, with a completely new platform and design.

Andy needed a magazine-style site – easy to access and browse – for the legions of classic yacht owners, captains, sailors and members of the myriad of associated industries surrounding classic yachting.

Perhaps the biggest challenge in modernising the site was the enormous database of yachts, classes and designers that needed to be upgraded and converted, before adding the ability to browse and update those entries for the admins.

It wasn’t a quick project, but the results are thoroughly worthwhile. Andy has a clean, modern site and – with our expertise –  is about to take it to the next level with fully-automated Yacht Brokerage.

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