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Maintaining your WordPress site

Do you find it hard to stay on top of your website requirements; Wordpress updates, theme updates, plugin updates, spam, etc etc? Have you ever run a little update, and then realised something went wrong. Maybe it's a plugin conflict? Maybe a hosting issue? Maybe your...

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Divi Text Module loses formatting

Over the last wee while we've come across a small issue with Divi and some hosting providers that can create a massive headache.The issue is that, after saving a page, all of the line breaks are removed from Text Modules (the <p> and <br> HTML tags are...

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WordPress 4.4 and the Woothemes Xero plugin

If you use Woocommerce on your Wordpress website, there's a chance you're also using the (very good) Woothemes Xero Plugin. Unfortunately, if you've already upgraded to Wordpress 4.4 you will be receiving a new error message when you try to generate invoices. "Fatal...

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Easy CSS with CSS Hero

If you're an amateur website developer and you need to move things around on your Wordpress website it can be a challenge. If you're not too familiar with CSS then the 'code' side of things (which you were probably trying to avoid when you chose Wordpress as your...

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